International Design Services Inc

About Us      


For 18 years International Design Services, Inc. (IDS) has combined connection design engineering and detailing services into one unified team providing our customer with a value-added solution for peace of mind and project efficiency. This formula has led to our success in becoming an industry leader.

IDS brings intensive knowledge and capability in modeling to all projects. A proactive approach is achieved through our philosophy of good communication with the construction team through BIM, working cohesively and seamlessly with our customer and actively participating in the design assist role. Working directly with the design team, IDS manages the project by identifying all critical paths necessary to maintain the construction schedule and resolving any issues on the front end that may affect continuous construction. Our main objective is to assist the fabricator, general contractor and design team in insuring on-schedule, in-budget and uninterrupted construction for our customer.

But what distinguishes IDS is the quality of our employees. Our employees have a wide range of experience and expertise in all facets of the construction industry and are committed to delivering the highest quality. From our detailers and engineers to our attentive support staff, IDS employs a top-notch, highly educated staff.

IDS is committed to investing in our staff and operations, which is proven by the following credentials and accomplishments:

  • Sponsorship of 30+staff members for NISD certification
  • Weekly internal Tekla training sessions
  • 100% tuition reimbursement program
  • Sponsorship for advanced licensing and certification
  • IDS has completed over 500 detailing and connection design jobs ranging from small to over 20,000 tons
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance procedures that complies with 10CFR50 Appendix B / NQA-1 requirements. Each office has a Quality Assurance Manager dedicated 100% to compliance of procedures.