International Design Services Inc

Services / Connection Design      


  • Creation of Calculation Packages that are easily understood by the EOR and Fabricator. All calculations are created under the supervision of licensed Professional Engineers and created using Mathcad 15 and GIZA.
  • We create Job Set-up drawings that will guide the fabricator through typical job specific connections that are job specific so that they can review them for modifications that will best fit their shop standards and equipment. Job Set-up drawings also include OSHA requirements such as erection aids, safety cable requirements, column lifting devices, etc. In addition these set-ups include job sequencing, perimeter conditions, erection aids for miscellaneous steel and other important information so that coordination with the fabricator, erector and the EOR's intent can be coordinated at the onset of every job. This prevents misunderstanding between the parties later on and leads to a more successful job.
  • Our engineering department assists in the creation of general connection concepts during the estimating process that can lead to a more accurate fabrication estimate and eliminate misunderstanding of the connections shown on the design drawings. Upon request we can perform preliminary connection calculations to determine the extent of column stiffening and column doubler plate requirements, bracing gusset plate thicknesses, and weld size and length so that your estimate is as accurate as possible.
  • IDS engineering assists in the resolution of complex field questions which often include calculations. We do this quickly and efficiently which keeps erection moving forward.
  • We assist in other ways such as value added engineering: offering substitution of columns to avoid doubler plates, alternative perimeter condition details, and in some cases alternative design such as roof joist in lieu of purlin framing, diaphragm roof deck in lieu of horizontal bracing, etc.
  • Our engineers hold licenses in 49 states and some Canadian provinces.