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Escape From St., Louis

News Headline: Escape From St., Louis
Date: August 02, 2018

On Wednesday July 25th, twenty brave employees embarked on an adventure at Escape from St. Louis! Once everyone had arrived and signed in, they were split into three rooms: Escape the Tomb, Murder at Denbrough Mansion, and Wizard Quest. Each group was shown a short introductory video and then locked in the first room!

Those locked in the Tomb were trying get away with treasures but ended up being locked in; having to solve puzzles and riddles in order to get escape the tomb. The brave detectives trapped in the Denbrough Mansion had to solve numerous puzzles in order to discover who had committed the murder, what the murder weapon was, and why the murder was committed. Those that went on the Wizard Quest had to try and stop a dangerous wizard from wreaking havoc by solving puzzles and using spells to thwart his evil plans.

With minds working collectively, each group was able to escape their respective rooms and resolve the problems that had trapped them there. A challenging and fun time was had by all.