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Westminster Canterbury - Richmond

Project Name: Westminster Canterbury - Richmond
Date: April 21, 2022
Project Status: Ongoing
Location: Richmond, VA , United States
Tonnage: 0.00
Category: Commercial

Located at 1600 Westbrook Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23227, Westminster Canterbury Richmond is an expansion project situated within the Westminster Canterbury's 60-acre campus. This new development features the enhancement of the existing tower and the construction of the new village apartment buildings, village clubhouse and the maintenance building.

The tower enhancement which will occupy a total area of 163,805 sq. ft. includes the construction of a single-story natatorium and nine-story building consisting of a parking garage, a business suite, a vital living center and seven independent living apartments.
The new construction works covering a total area of 119,545 sq. ft. include a single-story clubhouse, a maintenance building and four independent living apartment buildings "A" (with 18 units), "A-mirrored" (with 18 units), "B" (with 20 units) & "B-mirrored" (with 20 units). 

Each structure, as per design, will use structural steel materials generally wide flanges for the columns and beams while tube steel for the trusses, vertical braces and other columns. Structural steel detailing of primary and secondary components of this project will be provided utilizing Tekla software to produce the shop and erection drawings.