International Design Services

Gathering Place

The award-winning Gathering Place is a sprawling 100-acre park along the Arkansas River in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and features a variety of buildings and amenities in addition to ample outdoor green space. IDS contributed detailing work to three structures: a simple maintenance building, the concrete and steel Boathouse, and the elaborate Williams Lodge. Extensive coordination was required for the steel structure of the Boathouse to ensure that it fit with the as-built concrete structure. The Boathouse also features a rooftop stair structure consisting of a curved, built-up HSS screen wall. The 25,000-square-foot Williams Lodge is an elegant meeting place made of glass, sandstone, and steel. Williams Lodge features a unique organically formed fireplace that required careful detailing for optimal fit. Through extensive coordination with the design team, the model was submitted and approved prior to fabrication of the steel. The shop utilized the NC1 and DXF files of the curved plates to build the shapes properly with minimal fit-up issues in the field.