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Connection Design

International Design Services

Connection Design

IDS not only provides steel detailing services but industry-leading connection design services.

What sets our connection design process apart? We want the connection design process to be straightforward and smooth from start to finish. We accomplish this through multiple steps that enhance communication and reduce the risk of errors.


What We Offer

Calculation Packages

IDS creates calculation packages that the EOR and fabricator can understand easily. Using Math CAD and GIZA, software we developed specially for connection design purposes, we perform all calculations under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer.

Pre-Construction Services

The IDS engineering department assists in the creation of general connection concepts during the estimating process that can lead to a more accurate fabrication estimate and eliminate misunderstanding. Upon request, we can perform preliminary connection calculations to determine the extent of column stiffening and column doubler plate requirements, bracing gusset plate thicknesses, and weld size and length so that each estimate is as accurate as possible.

Fabrication and Erection RFI’s

Moreover, IDS helps clients move projects forward quickly and efficiently by helping to resolve field questions. Assisting with these complex questions, which often include calculations, reduces interruption to the construction timeline.

Custom Drawings

We create job set-up drawings that will guide the fabricator through typical job-specific connections so that they can make modifications that best fit their own shop standards and equipment. Job set-up drawings also include OSHA requirements, such as erection aids, safety cable requirements, column-lifting devices, and more. In addition, these set-ups include job sequencing, perimeter conditions, erection aids for miscellaneous steel, and other important information so that the fabricator, erector, and EOR can coordinate intent at the beginning of each job.

Design Optimization

IDS also provides value-added engineering with connection design. We can offer substitution of columns to avoid doubler plates, alternative perimeter condition details, and, in some cases, alternative design, such as roof joists in lieu of purlin framing, or diaphragm roof deck in lieu of horizontal bracing. We lend our decades of expertise by offering design optimization support

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