International Design Services

Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation Crusher Relocation

This copper mining facility in Salt Lake City, UT, is comprised of a 6-km-long conveyor, a large crusher station, steel compressor sheds, a belt feeder with supporting steel/platform, head and tail chutes, loading stations, a take-up carriage, take-up towers, take-up counterweight boxes, take-up skids, bent frames, tail and pulley supports, and loading station chutes. The facility also includes walkway platforms, stairs, ladders, guardrails, handrails, and more miscellaneous steel. IDS used TEKLA software to prepare erection and shop drawings of wide-flange columns and beams, braced frames, girts, platework, grating, rail profiles, pipes, and more. The detailing was closely reviewed to ensure it was up to code and met AISC and OSHA standards.