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Ids Teambuilding Activity 2018 Montemar Beach Club, Bataan

News Headline: Ids Teambuilding Activity 2018 Montemar Beach Club, Bataan
Date: June 20, 2018

Success is always connected with actions and IDS Family aims that every year.
Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Get Stronger – a solid theme of IDS Teambuilding this year. Presence of IDS Family made the event worthwhile, from In-house departments, Remote Offices, Management Team led by Mr. Corby R. Tolentino, Remigio M. Navarro, Ms. Michelle Smith, Mr. Benjamin Vossmeyer, Mr. Abishek Parashar of IDS India and Project Managers.

The Company has been leading its workforce to get together and have a great time bonding and playing various teambuilding activities without leaving a single stone of its objective unturned. Thus, participants from In-house and Remote offices experienced different games and activities with fun and learning at the same time.
Inspiring speeches of Mr. Corby Tolentino, Mr. Remigio Navarro (though he was not physically present, he recognized the effort of everyone involved in the event from games, involved in the Center for Healthcare Technology Project) and Ms. Michelle Smith who all recognized the presence of all the participants and encouraged that IDS Family will move towards accomplishing the theme together. After the teambuilding activities, participants had many chances to enjoy the place, walk around, swim, play basketball, enjoy the nature and some employees enjoyed the bond with Mr. Corby Tolentino at Room #309 after the Social Night.

This year, IDS set off north bound area to Montemar Beach Club, Bataan. The place which had a breath-taking scenic view of a wide seafront, seaweeds-free clear water, and had nice recreations and water sports made everyone really enjoyed and relaxed. The 2-day event of IDS Family was filled with exciting physical and mental games composing of three (3) categories. All 7 teams (Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Violet and Yellow) went through 3 stations to be able to get to the Final Round. All games were designed for all players to cooperate through talking, giving their ideas to accomplish particular task in each category.
All teams had their cheers flaunting their team’s capacity to outrun or outdo other teams. Everyone did their best from singing, dancing, running to flying like Superman. New employees did not have a hard time getting involved for the activities opened the avenue of connecting to everyone. Teamwork, coordination and communication played the prime part from start to finish.

1st Category - Higher (All teams were required to answer the Q & A portion and building a free-
standing structure using the all the team member’s footwear; everyone had a great
time putting all their shoes together and tried their best to have a sturdy “feetza

2nd Category - Faster (Players were challenged to calculate mathematical computations manually
and assemble a ping-pong cart made of board tube, a straw and sheet of paper.
The cart must be transported by pulling it and no ping-pong ball should fall. Players
took time to discuss the strategy on making it move without dragging. Rough
surface made it more challenging so some teams secured their objects by wrapping
the balls, so no single ball fell from top of the cart. Witty move!

3rd Category - Stronger (from the name itself, this category put the strength of all players from
mental to physical. Under the heat of the sun, participants played volleyball and
shirt relay. Players had to toss the ball for 2 rounds without letting the ball touch
the ground. In shirt relay, participants wear an extra shirt on top of their
teambuilding shirt. Each will run to the beach and dip into the water, pour water on
top of the head 3x using the small plastic pail and run back to their team and pass
the shirts to their team members as they pass the number of shirt they are wearing
except the teambuilding shirt. This will go thru until the last player who would be
wearing ten (10) shirts in all and go through the course of the relay. It was really
hard for the players to run and endure the heat of the sun and the tons of weight of
the wet, dripping shirts on them. It was really a hilarious activity for some even
tumbled and went out of their balance while keeping their stance as they reach
their stations.

All team members were competent and really wanted to go to the final round. No one showed less interest and enthusiasm in playing all the games. But only 2 teams stood on top in the elimination round - Royal Blue and Red Team.

Final Round was not just a single-game-get-the-spot winning. It took 4 games in a row to get to the final spot of being the Champion for “Higher, Faster and Stronger IDS”. Well, this is one way to really see the team that stands for the theme of the activity, from their performance in terms of agility, endurance and strategic planning. The 2 teams tried their best to hang on where their team got on the elimination round. From un-tangling the knot; putting small balls in a small hole; running fast on the hanging bridge to crossing the beach and paddle for the flag. Persistent to bring home the bacon, Royal Blue Team got hold of the victory. Congratulations, Royal Blue Team!

Highlights at the Social Night :

Recognized and awarded by Mr. Corby Tolentino, Mr. Remigio M. Navarro, and Ms. Michelle Smith are:

Best Employee of the Year 2017 Dolly Ann P. Verayin (Admin/Finance)

Best Project of the Year 2017 Soar High Detailing Services

Departmental Nominees of the Year 2017 Imelda Remon (Bid Jobs)
Christian Jhon Ortiza (IDS Cebu)
Tanya Gregana
Rene Blancas
Byen Villanueva
Jesus Lazarto Ibarreta
Jersie Rana
Juanito Flores
Gersie Sumagui

IPAP (IDS Perfect Attendance Program) Ryan Gapasen (Admin)
John Mark Sarol (Core)
Redentor Simbulan (Core)
Kim Bryan Bagos (Eng’g)
Cammille Estrella (Eng’g)
Byen Villanueva (Eng’g)
Don Jaworsky (Giza Steel)
Leslie Allmojera (QAQC)
Juanito Flores (QAQC)
Plutarco Gaddi (QAQC)
Liezl Ann Mendiola (QR)

2 - Performances from Giza Steel and Phoenix Steel Detailing added fun to the event. They really
made the audience laugh it out with their funny concept from the beginning of their
performances until their exit. They seem to always come up with something that surprises the
audience. Participants left the venue with another level of experience that enhanced themselves
in many ways. To aim higher and pursue to level up what they aim personally and professionally.
To move faster but wiser to succeed and be a stronger, competitive IDS!!



Friday, May 4 and the sun seemed to shine upon our bunch of 14 (lacking one, since Meosheil had to miss the event due to her father’s death).
The group departed from the office at 6AM sharp and made a pit stop at Jollibee for breakfast and on our trip of more than 3 hours to Badian, a booming tourism town in Southern Cebu, 108km from the city center. Everyone enjoyed and had a great time laughing and lots of selfies and lots of travel!
Upon arrival, we got to enjoy the teal-colored and very refreshing waters of Kawasan Falls. Where we also took our lunch while waiting for the 2pm check-in at the nearby Maonanik Resort.
Upon arrival at the resort, we got down to it and started with the games almost immediately.
1st game was called Walk with Me wherein the two groups had all its member’s feet tied up with each other and had to walk in a synchronized manner lest the team fall off together. It was a test of coordination, precision and teamwork.
Up next was called Minefield, a member had to be blindfolded whilst being instructed by another member while walking through a so-called minefield of paper cups. This game tested a team’s listening and coordination.
Next games were Jumping Rope Relay and Pop the Balloons which were a lot of fun and totally brought out the kids in us!
Second to the last game was Flour Relay, which really got us down and dirty, perfect for the last game called Mermaid Race, which as the name implies allowed us to enjoy the resort’s swimming pool.
All the games were designed to bring out our best qualities and sharpen our coordination and skills to cooperate and communicate. Needless to say, they completely served their purpose.
After the games, we just let loose and enjoyed the swimming pool, the karaoke and of course, the

More challenges awaits, but 2018 is a year for IDS to go HIGHER, FASTER and STRONGER!!