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IDS 2018 Christmas Party US

News Headline: IDS 2018 Christmas Party US
Date: January 09, 2019

On the First of December, IDS employees gathered in the Matterhorn room of the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel to celebrate the annual Holiday Party. After brief appetizers and delicious dinner, Michelle spoke a few words of gratitude and remembrance for the company and Tom’s legacy living on. Three special employees received plaques: Ed Vajcner was honored for his 15 years of services and dedication and Cecilia White and Corey Sessoms were both rewarded for 5 years at IDS.

After dinner and during dessert Genevieve Knab lead an IDS-themed trivia. It was IDS-themed only in that the answers in each round (three rounds total) started with the corresponding letter: round 1 had all answers starting with am “I”, round 2 had all answers starting with a “D”, etc.). Displaying a great knowledge of random facts, several tables even tied during the second and third rounds! To break the tie a game of heads or tails ensued between representatives from each table. The table that won received extra raffle tickets to place in a drawing for a variety of intriguing prizes.

After all raffle tickets were turned in, Michelle stood to pull the winners. The employee who received the free PTO day was our beloved Jay Bawan! The tablet and drone went to Todd and his wife, the Bluetooth speaker to Andrew, the Google home to Cecilia, and, finally, the TV to an ecstatic Brandon (Camil’s youngest son). A wonderful time was had by all and, after prizes were drawn, employees and their families left happy and full. A small group remained to partake in the Dance Dance Revolution that Ben provided, for the amusement of all.