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IDS Annual BBQ Picnic

News Headline: IDS Annual BBQ Picnic
Date: June 19, 2019

On a beautiful Saturday at the beginning of June, IDS employees assembled at a cute little park in Bridgeton, MO. Our shirts all had a little periwinkle ribbon on the arm in memory of our first BBQ without Tom. Periwinkle being the color representing esophageal cancer awareness.

It was a chill get-together, with washers and ladder golf spread around the pavilion. The food from Bandanas arrived right on time and was enjoyed by all. A few games were brought out after eating, while others sat around and conversed. As a special surprise, Sean had brought a number of pies from his trip back from Chicago. As families began leaving, a few of the children crafted make-shift water guns out of the water bottles and chased each other (and a few adults) around. A good time was had by all.